EXPEDIA HOTEL HORIZONTE - "can` t wait to go back": Hotel Horizonte comments

"Can’t wait to go back": hotel Horizonte comments

Very good hotel for the price, but the decor’s a little dated, although very clean & tidy. Staff are also extremely helpful. Ideal base for a week or long weekend. Will definitely book this hotel again for next trip to Palma.

Whilst the hotel is walkable into town during the day, it’s a little too far out to walk into each night. There is a very good bus service (No3) from Porto Pi close by, which takes you into town, and also to the very upmarket Illetes beach in the oposite direction. Costs 1.10 euros each, but a book of 10 tickets (from tabacs) will save over 4 euros, if you’re there for a week or more.

Un viajero de Derbyshire

Publicado: 28-sep-08

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