TRIPADVISOR HOTEL MIRAFLORES - "thanks for a wonderful stay": Hotel Miraflores reviews

"Thanks for a wonderful stay" : Hotel Miraflores reviews

A terrific, budget hotel that makes you feel like family. The staff are incredible, Fabianne, Mateo and others were just great and the owner is a very pleasant person who is very down to earth and welcoming.

Thanks for a wonderful stay and for doing your best to make my holiday one of the best ever!

The entertainment was first class
and held in what might have once been the hotel's discotheque, pity its not open more often for those of us who just want to enjoy the warmth and hospitality that the hotel offers. The ambience is one of family and friends and I there recommend this hotel to those who are not too full of themselves...if you are, them please, do us all a favour and go to the pricey and cold 5 stars places!

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