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A wonderful stay at Horizonte

Last month I visited Palma de mallorca. I stayed at Horizonte hotel .So I describe the hotel to help the clients make the best choice.The view of Palma harbor and the sea from horizonte is wonderful. After taking your breakfast, you can look at the sun rise. The hotel's surrounding is very good for shopping (Porto Pi Shopping center is near). Close by there are taxi and bus stops as well. The leisure activity options at the hotel are good. Checking-in is a pleasant procedure. The quality of the service is very satisfactory. The cleanliness of the rooms and hotel are perfect. The atmosphere in the bar and restaurant areas is pleasant. The atmosphere inside the hotel is very freindly and familiar. From the reception to the eating room, I make myshelf home. The hotel has a good value for money.

11 de Marzo de 2009

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