Hotel Amic Horizonte reviews by Tripadvisor: “Great hotel, cheap and cheerful”

We upgraded our room for an extra 40 Euros for a 4 night stay, and we stayed on the top floor at the front of the hotel with a corner balcony which also had a fridge in the room, perfect !
I thought it was really good value for money and the bed was one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in a long time.
Breakfast was OK and there was plenty of cereals and eggs available.
This hotel is kind of up a long windeing hill, so not ideal for people with walking difficulties. You need to get a taxi into the old town to visit some of the most beautiful restaurants the city has to offer.
As we went in May the pool was blinking freezing so I never did more than dip my toe in, however the weather was glorious, but take a little jacket out of an evening.

*Date of stay March 2012
*Purpose of stay: Leisure
*He traveled with his couple

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